Motorcycle Charger SAE Plug To USB Type-C Socket 12V USB Motorbike Fast Charging Adapter With Voltmeter Waterproof Switch B 2 USB QC3.0


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Pochodzenie: CN (pochodzenie)
Typ: Urządzenia do ładowania USB



Material: ABS+silicone+copper+PVC


Gross weight: 128g


Product size: 66.6mm*38mm*21.3mm


Packing size: 7.3×5.5×11.4cm


Input voltage: DC 12V-24V


Monitorable voltage range: 6-30V


Output voltage: USB output 5V3.4A/9V2.5A /12V2A; Type-C output: 5V3A / 9V2A / 12V1.5A


Product usage: It can be used to power most car-mounted products such as mobile phones, tablets, IPAD, navigation and GPS


Range of use: It can be used on vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, SUVs, boats, etc. that can be installed with DC12V-24V


There are multiple protection functions: input over-voltage, under-voltage protection; output over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit protection; reverse connection protection; chip internal high-temperature protection



①Single USB+ Type-C fast charging port, supporting Type-C output and USB PD2.0/PD3.0 (PPS), DCP (Apple and BC1.2), Qualcomm QC2.0/QC3.0, Huawei fast Fast charging protocols such as FCP and high voltage SCP, Samsung fast charging protocol AFC (MAX 12V), MTK PE+1.1 and MTK PE+2.0 can automatically identify the fast charging protocol supported by the output terminal access device

② Built-in power MOS, which can provide a maximum output power of 20W, can automatically adjust the output voltage and current according to the recognized fast charging protocol, so as to adapt to the highest charging power of each mobile phone; and has the automatic adjustment function of the overcurrent point, when the Type When the device connected to the -C interface supports high-voltage SCP, it will give priority to output high-voltage SCP. Compared with PD output, the charging power is higher, and the maximum support 10V/2.5A output

③ The independent button switch has a waterproof cover, and the waterproof level reaches IP66

④Using an integrated SAE socket, which can be used directly with the SAE socket of the original car, and a 1.4-meter OT terminal cable is distributed. One end of the cable adopts the SAE socket design. The SAE socket end can be directly plugged into the product, and the OT connection end can be directly inserted. Connected to the power supply of the car

⑤Two fixing methods: handlebar and screw mounting bracket


Package included:


1 x Handlebar mounting bracket

1 x Screw mounting bracket

2 x Large screws

1 x Small screw

1 x Handlebar fixing screw

1 x Non-slip gasket

1 x 1.4m SAE socket / OT terminal cable (Optional)


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